Eternal Perspectives – Generations


God’s grace is always in the now. (Every day has its own trouble Mat 6:34 His mercies are new every morning Lam 3:22-23) The truth is a paradox where two opposing truths are equal in value and importance. The opposite truth to living in the now is focusing on eternity.  We are living in the now with our eye on eternity. This seems impossible and contradictory; how can you be in the now, and yet focused on eternity? Is eternity not in the future? No, eternity is now.


John 8:58 before Abraham was I am 

Rev 1:4 his who is, and who was, and who is to come 

Rev 1:8 Alpha & Omega, who is, who was, and who is to come 

2 Pet 3:8 with the Lord a day is like a thousand years and a thought years like a day

Exo 3:14 I am what I am

God is past, present and future all at the same time. “He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.” Eccl 3;10-11

God declares the end from the beginning, Isa 46:10


One of the practical ways of living in the now yet having your sight on eternity is making disciples.  Making disciples is the purest way of duplicating yourself, your life, your principles, and ways for generations.  Raising your children in the ways of the Lord.  Having children, and raising them is a form of discipleship.  God values family very highly.  The family is God’s way of maturing us into adulthood.  Physiologists and educators can list the adverse effects of a broken family, absent parents, child abuse due to bad parental role models and low-income family structures.  We can suppose that most of the social problems we experience today are because of a broken family unit.  This lack of being conscious of the following generation is clearly evident studying the Kings.  Not many leaders in the Bible succeeded to raise their kids in the fear of God.  Eli, the High Priest, became vile because he did not restrain them (1 Sam 3:13) Samuel’s children also did not serve God. They turned aside after dishonest gain, took bribes, and perverted justice. This speaks of a lack of godly character. (1 Sam 8:3)

Interesting that some of the righteous Kings in Judah did not follow their own father’s legacy but chose to go back and follow in David’s footsteps. And he did what was right in the sight of the LORD, and walked in all the ways of his father David; he did not turn aside to the right hand or the left. (2 Kings 22:2) There were also Kings who did not consider the legacy they left for their Children, knowing that their children would suffer the consequences of their father’s doings. So Hezekiah showed off all the riches of Judah to the son of King of Babylon and consequently received the damnation by the Prophet Isaiah that this very Kingdom will come and carry all these riches away.  He was only so happy that the judgment will not happen in his lifetime. So Hezekiah said to Isaiah, “The word of the LORD which you have spoken is good!” For he said, “Will there not be peace and truth at least in my days?” (2 Kings 20:15)


Numbers 20:5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and — fourth generation of them that hate me;


Ps 12:7 Preserve the Word from generation to generation

Ps 78:3-8 Declaring and showing to the following generation the praises of the Lord, and his strength, and his wonderful works that he hath done.  — That they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep his commandments:


While adults can switch religions, this is rare. The recent Pew Research study of the changes in world religions estimates that of the 8.1 billion believers in 2050, just 65 million (less than one percent) will have switched into their belief (chart).

People don’t pick their religion by throwing a dart at a grid of the hundreds or thousands of religions of history. They don’t even roll the dice and pick a religion based on its popularity at the moment (31% Christian, 23% Muslim, 15% Hindu, etc.). The religion of young adults is very strongly correlated with that of their culture.

In a groundbreaking study, Johns Hopkins University researchers followed nearly 800 Baltimore schoolchildren for a quarter of a century and discovered that their fates were substantially determined by the family they were born into.

“A family’s resources and the doors they open cast a long shadow over children’s life trajectories,” Johns Hopkins sociologist Karl Alexander says in a forthcoming book, The Long Shadow: Family Background, Disadvantaged Urban Youth, and the Transition to Adulthood.

Only 33 children moved from birth families in the low-income bracket to the high-income bracket as young adults; if a family had no bearing on children’s mobility prospects, almost 70 would be expected. And of those who started out well off, only 19 dropped to the low-income bracket, a fourth of the number expected.

“The implication is where you start in life is where you end up in life,” Alexander said. “It’s very sobering to see how this all unfolds.”


Fathers, Young Men and Children – 1 John 2:14-15

the older women likewise, that they be reverent in behavior, not slanderers, not given to much wine, teachers of good thingsTit 2:3

In church we create an habitat of extended family, where all the adults demonstrate the same godly values and character to the children.  Together reinforcing godliness in the children. Everyone sees every child as their child. We take collective care of another’s children.

We therefor worship expressively as a family. Children models and follow the parents in worshipping God. Children grow up in an environment where worship is normal, spontaneous and engaging.  God is intimately close in our worship and children who are sensory focused experience God in various ways in the meeting. People telling emotional testimonies being vulnerable is a powerful sign to children. The power of the spirit manifesting in meetings through healing, miracles, and the gifts of the spirit effects them deeply.


We are sometimes more concerned as parents to see our children succeed in the goals and accomplishments of secularism, materialism, individualism, and selfish ambition.

Bill Johnson shares on Ps 78 and the importance of children experiencing the works and deeds of God, so that they will have hope and keep on serving God. He then also reveals how he and his wife deliberately exposed their kids to:

–    Family Church Life

–    The Supernatural

–    Poverty

We are not only called to provide for our children financially, once they are earning their own income they abandon God and church.  We should provide our children with an eternal rooted lifestyle.  Children learn through their experiences not their ears.  Prepare them for eternity.

In our journey with God we are very conscious of those who walked before us, and also those who are following.  I sent you to reap that for which you have not labored; others have labored, and you have entered into their labors.John 4:38


Holy Communion / Nagmaal

1 Cor 11:23 Faith At the Lord’s Table, FAITH’S CONFESSION. Just as the act of water baptism outwardly declares or confesses an inward experience of salvation through the blood of the Lord Jesus, each observance of the Lord’s Table is a powerful occasion for faith’s confession. In the ordinance, the Christian confesses before all heaven that he not only has believed, but that he has not forgotten. “In remembrance” involves more than just memory; the word suggests an “active calling to mind” (Wycliffe).
The word “for” introduces the reason the Supper is continually repeated. It is an acted sermon, for it “proclaims” the Lord’s death. The outward act of faith, as the bread and cup taken, is explicitly said to be an ongoing, active confession—literally “you are proclaiming” (1 Cor 11:26). Each occasion of partaking is an opportunity to say, proclaim, or confess again: “I herewith lay hold of all the benefits of Jesus Christ’s full redemption for my life—forgiveness, wholeness, strength, health, sufficiency.” The Lord’s Supper is not to be simply a ritual remembrance, but an active confession, by which you actively will to call to memory and appropriate today all that Jesus has provided and promised through His Cross.
At Jesus’ institution of the Lord’s Supper with His disciples (Matt. 26:26–29; Mark 14:22–25; Luke 22:15–20) the bread and cup were part of a meal, with the bread probably broken near the beginning (cf. “when He had given thanks,” 1 Cor. 11:24) and the cup taken at the end (cf. “after supper,” v. 25). By the time Paul wrote, the Lord’s Supper was celebrated in two stages which consolidated the partaking of the bread and cup at the end of a communal meal. The worship with the bread and cup came to be called the “Eucharist” (Didache 9:1; Ignatius Letter to the Philadelphians 4), from the Greek word for “thanksgiving” (eucharisteō). The communal meal was called the Agapē (Jude 12; Pliny Letters 10. 96. 7), a Greek word for “love.”
one factor contributing to those divisions is evident here, namely, economic differences in the church (1 Cor 11:21).
1 Cor 11:20–21. The Lord’s Supper should have been the remembrance of a preeminently selfless act, Christ’s death on behalf of others. Instead the Corinthians had turned the memorial of selflessness into an experience of selfishness and had made a rite of unity a riotous disunity. While one brother went hungry because he lacked the means to eat well, another brother drank to excess.
The Communion:
1 Cor 11:24 Broken for you refers to both Jesus’ substitutionary role as Savior as well as the One who bore our pain and sicknesses (Isa 53:4-6)
1 Cor 11:25 The new covenant, sealed by the blood of Jesus, was prophesied in Jer. 31:31-34. That covenant was new in its nature and in its content, securing the forgiveness of sins and writing the law of God in the hearts of believers. The old ritualistic system is replaced by the gospel of Christ, which He established by His death (see Heb. 8:7-13).
To act in a spirit of selfish disregard for the needs of a brother was to despise the church of God, composed not of lifeless stones but of living people who could be grievously hurt. The bread represented the incarnate body of Christ unselfishly assumed (Phil. 2:6–7) and unselfishly given on the cross for the benefit of others (2 Cor. 8:9; Phil. 2:8), that kept needing to be remembered (cf. 1 Cor. 4:8–13).
1 Cor 11:25. The wine was a poignant reminder of Christ’s blood, without the shedding of which there could be no forgiveness from sin (Heb. 9:22) and through which cleansing and a new relationship (covenant) with God was made (Heb. 9:14–15). The word “covenant” referred to a relationship in which one party established terms which the other party accepted or rejected. The focus of the Old Covenant was the written Word (Ex. 24:1–8). The focus of the New Covenant is the Living Word (John 1:14–18). Christ intended the cup to be a representational (cf. John 10:9; 1 Cor. 10:4) reminder of Him: do this … in remembrance of Me.
The body of Christ is the church, which consists of individual believers (cf. 1 Cor. 12:12, 27). His body, the church, is also pictured by the bread of Communion (1 Cor 5:7; 10:16–17). Thus to sin against another believer is to sin against Christ (1 Cor 8:12).
One body of diversity – (1 Cor 12:13; Gal. 3:28; Col. 3:11)
They should seek out the wronged brother and ask his forgiveness. Only then could a true spirit of worship flourish (cf. Matt. 5:23–24)


Sien die geveg op tuisfront en raak betrokke ons het jou nodig

Lê julle daarop toe om die eenheid wat die Gees tussen julle gesmee het, te handhaaf deur in vrede met mekaar te lewe. (Eph 4:3).

Die eenheid wat God gee is ‘n bonatuurlike eenheid van diversiteit. Eenheid wat deur ‘n mens bereik word is die eenheid van konformiteit. Die eenheid van ‘n mens is ‘n piramiede waar een mens bo op die mensgeboude berg verheerlik word. Dit is Aardse Babelgeboue om die vermoë van die mens te bewys.  Die eenheid wat God gee is Christus. Daar is nie eenheid as Hy nie in die middel staan nie. Soos die sonnestelsel (waar planete om die son sentreer) beweeg ons elkeen in ons wentelbane om Christus, Hy is ons fokus. Dit is Sy swaartekrag wat ons aangetrek het, en ons in ons wentelbane hou.  Ons kyk nie na ‘n mens nie, ons kyk na Jesus.  Heb 12:2

Ons kan dus nie eenheid bewerk nie, ons kan net die eenheid wat God gee, handhaaf, in stand hou en beskerm. Dis ook ‘n voldonge feit dat die krag van die Kerk ons eenheid in Christus is! Al die deurbrake en kragtige uitstortings van die Heilige Gees in die handelinge van die Apostels en eerste kerk het gebeur waar daar eenheid is.  Rom 7:4; Rom 9:1; 1 Cor 15:22; Eph 3:6, 12, 21; Col 2:6, 10, 11-1; Rev 1:9

Een van die gevare van Sosiale Media, Facebook en die internet is: Ons word bewus gemaak van uitdagings en probleme, ook wêreld gebeure waaraan ons nie eintlik iets kan doen nie, buiten ons gebede.  Ons gedagtes en onderbewussyn word dan geheel en al geokkupeer deur probleme wat ons verhoed om nie teenwoordig te wees in die lokale krisisse naby ons huis nie. In ‘n oorlog is daar verskillende gevegsfronte wat terselfdertyd verdedig moet word.  Die lokaliteit waar jy gestasioneer is bepaal die oorlog waarin jy betrokke is.  Jy beteken niks vir jou lokale kompanjie as jy nie wesenlik teenwoordig is nie.  Ons gedagtes kan nie opgeneem word in ’n skyngeveg nie. Moenie toelaat dat daar ‘n geveg in jou gedagtes ontstaan nie. Die vyand wil ons uithaal, besig hou, en dan is ons uiteindelik nutteloos vir ons vriende, familie en medestryders.

Natuurlik wil niemand van  ons nutteloos wees nie! Ons hart is om te help, maar die vyand het ons in sy strik gevang, deur nie teenwoordig te wees in die hier en nou nie. Elkeen in Sy liggaam is toegerus met wonderlike gawes (funkies) en daar is ‘n spesifieke funksie en rol wat net jy kan verrig.

Ek wil graag vandag ‘n beroep doen op  al die medestryders in die geloof in die Olifantsriviervallei, meld aan by die geveg hier op die tuisfront!

Die Here is die Generaal van die Weermag, en Hy stuur arbeiders vir elke gevegsfront regoor die Wêreld. “Moenie bang wees nie; hou aan met preek en moenie stilbly nie, 10want Ek is by jou. Niemand sal jou aanval of jou kwaad aandoen nie, want in hierdie stad behoort baie mense aan My.” (Ac 18:9–10) Al wat God van elkeen van ons vra is om gehoorsaam te wees. As die Here ons wel na ’n sekere gevegsfront oor ons grense stuur, stuur Hy ons nie alleen nie, Hy stuur ons met die beskerming en hulp van die lokale Kompanjie. Die sinergie en samewerking van die hele liggaam betrokke maak ons soveel meer effektief as ‘n solo-aanval.

As Geestelike Leier en Apostel geroep en aangestel nie deur my eie wil of ambisie nie, maar deur die genade van  God wat ryklik in ons wil en werk, wil ek jou wys op die geveg hier op tuisfront.  Mag die Heilige Gees ons oë oopmaak vir liggaam waarvan God jou deel gemaak het. Visualiseer net vir oomblik hierdie omgewing sonder ons kerk… Dank die Here dat HY ons gestuur het, en bekwaam gemaak het, gevul het met Sy Heilige Gees om Sy heerlikheid te mag dra (Host) in die Olifantsriviervallei!

Mag ons die geveg sien waarby ons betrokke is.

Dankie Here vir die oorlog veterane wat hulle lewens neergelê het vir die saak van Christus.  Wat met hulle hele hart, hul hele lewe, tyd en geld betrokke is. Om in gehoorsaamheid duisternis terug te stoot in Jesus se naam! Ek dank God elke dag vir hierdie vegters, getroue  soldate in die geloof.  Saam (deur Jesus Christus as ons Hoof) is ons besig om geskiedenis te maak, en van ‘n woestyn ‘n geestelike oase te maak, soos Hy beloof het. Eden, My delight!

  • Ons is al ‘n geruime tyd besig met die gemeente planting in Vredendal. Ons wil ‘n veilige tuiste vir Geesvervulde gelowiges wees. Hier was nog nooit in die geskiedenis van hierdie gebied ‘n kragtige Herlewing en uitstorting van die Heilige Gees nie. Ons begin nou iets daarvan beleef. God het ons hier geposisioneer om ‘n Goddelike Vesting op te rig rondom gesonde Leer en Waarheid, waarvan Christus die Hoeksteen is. ‘n Gemeente wat soos ‘n liggaam funksioneer, nie ‘n organisasie nie. ‘n Gemeente wat Sy Koninkryksgesag demonstreer in Woord en Daad. ‘n Akkurate Gemeente waarvan Christus die hoof is wat die donker en duistere magte in die gebied ontwapen en oneffektief maak. Wees deel van die gemeente, help bou, leef jou roeping uit.  Moenie net kom om te ontvang nie, maar kom om te gee. Elkeen het so baie om te gee.  Sien die geveg in die Gees, bid saam, stry saam in die  geloof, help en ondersteun Jan-Hendrik en Monica Kleynhans. Bid vir hulle as leiers. Wees getrou in jou finansiële bydrae. Wees asseblief teenwoordig.
  • Die Here bou Sy kerk, en ons roeping tot die armes is ‘n geestelike mandaat en verantwoordelikheid. Daarom is ons in elke dorp op een of ander manier betrokke om aan die armes die koninkryk te verkondig. HP  Momsen is besig in Riverview Citrusdal om die jongmense en pastore te bedien met weeklikse Bybelstudie,  die een  week in Afrikaans, die daaropvolgende week in Engels.  Ilse Rontgen, Hanneke  Ferreira, Jean janse van Rensburg en HP Momsen bedien en beraad weekliks mense op afspraak vir bevryding en genesing.  Ons bedien tans 82 kinders  in ons kleuterskool  Ubuntu in Riverview  Eersdaags gaan ons moet skuif na ‘n nuwe terrein, en nuwe geboue moet opgerig word.  Ons gee ook kos vir bykans 60 kinders drie keer per week. Hierdie kinders moet bedien word, met liefde, omgee en belangstelling. Jolanda Basson & Juan-dré bedien die kinders, bou verhoudings en herstel sodoende die ondersteuning netwerk om die kind. Jan-Hendrik bedien weer die jongmense van Vredendal deur Identity 129 op Vrydagaande.  Elna Pretorius leer ons kinders deur die Bybelskool materiaal op Vrydagaande te behandel in Citrusdal. Elkeen van die  bedienings geleenthede is ‘n geveg teen duisternis. Bid vir hulle, raak betrokke, dien en help hulle om selfs meer effektief te wees. Ons dank die Here ook vir WP en Karien van der Merwe wat ons Apostoliese leiers in Citrusdal is. Dankie dat julle die mense liefhet en besoek.
  • Ons huiskerke is die eerste linie van die gevegsfront, dis hier waar jy in aanraking kom met die daaglikse “battles” van jou geestelike familie en vriende. Wees daar vir mekaar, help, luister, ondersteun, hou kontak, bid mekaar. Onthou ons leuse: “Jy is welkom om enigiets te vra, as jy ook sal bereid wees om ’n ‘nee, ek kan nie’ te verwelkom.  Sodoende hou ons die verhoudinge heilig.
  • Willie en Wena is besig om werkloses en plaaswerkers op te lei, en hulle te leer oor Werksetiek en Werk is heilig, dit is goddelik om te kan werk. Dit is goddelik om jou roeping en skeppingsdoel te vind en te leef.  Indien God in jou hart werk om ‘n sekere behoefte te vervul, rapporteer gerus aan my en dat ons jou help, om die geestelike Net van die Here nog verder te verbreed.
  • Neil & Olivia Hall besig met Hebron Community Projects, om die mens in die Paleisheuwel omgewing te bedien, deur hulle gemeenskap Sentrum, en sportveld. Hulle bied allerhande lewensverandering programme aan vir mans, vrouens en kinders.  Verskeie Boere in ons gemeente is besig om beter na hulle mense te kyk, deur Infrastruktuur ontwikkeling en opleiding.
  • Indien jy ‘n boer is of eienaar van ‘n besigheid kan jy al die mense wat vir jou werk befonds om die Work-4-a-Living kursus te voltooi. Verskeie plase bied ook nou kleuterskole vir hulle mense.  Jeanie Stander bied ‘n Naskoolsentrum aan vir Plaaskinders op Tweeriviere, befonds deur Namakwaland Sitrus en Capespan boerderye. Jeannie het hulp nodig, vrywilligers wat teenwoordig sal wees by tye om haar te help.
  • Ons is betrokke  op Radio Namakwaland met  drie verskillende  programme,  Maandae  Middae 15:00  met Chantál op Barshou. Dinsdae Oggende saam met Jan op onder Konstruksie 7:15, en Woensdae bied  ons tafelgesprekke aan om 11:00. Bid vir hierdie programme, dat ons “boldness” sal hê om vreesloos die waarheid te verkondig.
  • Desmond Booysen en HP Momsen is betrokke op van ons plase om verhoudinge te restoreer op alle vlakke. Ons bly veg teen alle vorme van rassisme in ons gemeenskap, deur vredemakers te wees op alle vlakke waar God ons guns gee.
  • Jan is betrokke by die munisipaliteit en Provinsiale Regering rakende die Khayelitsia Influx krisis in    Deur gesonde verhoudinge te bou, is ons instrumenteel om beter skakeling tussen rolspelers te bekom.
  • Ons Bybelskool is nie net daar om mense geestelik toe te rus nie, maar is ook ‘n geveg vir Waarheid. Ons het Bybelskool op Maandae (Clanwiliam), Dinsdae in Citrusdal, en Donderdae in Vredendal. Deur die verkondiging van God se Woord, word mense se denke vernuwe om akkurate lewens te leef volgens ons skeppingsdoel – Christus!  Die kerk se beste aanvalswapen is ‘n akkurate lewenstyl gebaseer op die lewe van Christus.
  • Jan en Chantal is direk en indirek betrokke by elke inisiatief. Ons help, ons bid en ons dra finansieël by. Ons help die gemeenskap waar ons kan. Jan dien op Bosassa se bestuur. Ons is betrokke met gebed en berading by die Polisie in Clanwilliam. Jan bedien tans by die Augsberg skool, die graad 8 en 9’s, hy werk saam met ds. Jacques Greyling. Ons dank die Here vir ge-opende deure in ons skole, in ons gemeenskap. Jan is ook Voorsitter van die HUG projek, wat ons kleuterskool (Ubuntu) insluit, asook ons ouetehuis Heuwelrus. Chantal is tans besig om jongmense en vroue te beraad en te bedien, ons dank die Here vir die Heilige Gees wat ons helper is. Alles neem egter tyd. Die werk is geweldig, en die arbeiders is min. Ons vertrou en dank die Here voortdurend vir gewillige en gehoorsame harte.
  • Die Here het ‘n reuse deur in Uganda oopgemaak, Apostels Tobias en Ansofie Basson, saam met ons as kerk loop in gehoorsaamheid hierdie pad uit. Ons gaan deur Sy krag hierdie nasie dissipel om Christus te volg en nie dieselfde foute maak as wat ons in Suid-Afrika gemaak het nie. Tobias en sy span gaan ook ‘n reuse rol speel in die Landbou in Afrika. Hy gaan die voedseltekort in Uganda en moontlik ander Afrika lande aanspreek deur boere gemeenskappe te leer hoe om ook akkuraat te doen wat hy doen.
  • Ons harte is ook verbind met Herman en Charmain Grundlingh in Thailand. Herman vra gereeld apostoliese raad/bediening. Ons het gereeld kontak via skype, Ons bedien hul apostolies, en help van tyd tot tyd met hul worship span (deur skype).
  • Ons is ook nog verbind met FCE, ons bid gereeld vir hulle. Dankie vir Nico en Beatrix se betrokkenheid by hulle, en die deurgee van belangrike inligting.
  • Jan dien nog op Amos se bedieningspan, en het kontak met Hennie Viljoen. Ons bedien daar soos benodig deur hulle.

DANKIE geliefde gemeente, ons is as gemeente betrokke in ons gemeenskappe. Dankie vir elkeen se betrokkenheid, elkeen se teenwoordigheid. Julle maak ons sterk in ons geveg teen godsdienspleging, wetteloosheid, en goddeloosheid in hierdie gebied.

Ons het onlangs ons webtuiste herskep, om die rykdom van Christus se oorwinning in ons lewens ook vir ander  beskikbaar te maak. Om jou op hoogte te hou van alles wat hier op die  tuisfront gebeur het ons ook ‘n app geskep  waar jy op jou selfoon kan skakel met medestryders, mekaar kan bemoedig, vir mekaar kan bid, betrokke kan raak en nog baie meer!  Gaan besoek gerus Webwerf en gaan soek die applikasie “HRCO” in jou slimfoon se  applikasiewinkel  (appstore). 

Ons sal altyd ander gemeentes in ons area help en ondersteun omdat ons hulle as vennote sien in die Koninkryk, in die stryd om God se Koninkryk te laat kom in die Olifantsriviervallei.  Ons veg nie met oogklappe aan nie, ons hou ons oë gevestig op Jesus Christus die voleinder van ons geloof.

Terwyl jy hier lees, mag die Here jou deur Sy gees opwek om vir ons in te tree, om asseblief gereeld vir ons te bid. Hy sal jou wys hoe om te help en betrokke te raak. Ons is nie toeskouers nie, ons is deelnemers totdat die werk klaar is! Tydens Ps Duncan Curry (Halifax Engeland) se onlangse preek het hy dit baie mooi gestel: ‘You cannot have the Mind of Christ without His Body” Dit is Sy liggaam wat uitdrukking moet gee aan Sy instruksies. Ons kan nie die oorlog wen op ons eie nie. Hollywood probeer die teenstelling bewys, hulle het gereeld ‘n nuwe Super-Hero film. In realiteit weet ons egter dit is ‘n spanpoging wat ons sterk maak.

Baie dankie vir elke lid van die Liggaam. Dankie vir elkeen wat vir ons bid, wat so mooi saamwerk. Dankie vir elke  huiskerk leier, elkeen wat dien, wat kerk oopsluit, wat bid, bemoedig en wat aanhou goed doen. Dankie aan elkeen wat Sy roeping in jou gemeenskap uitleef.

Mag die Here ons verlos van individualisme, en “my ministry” mentaliteit. Kom ons Sien die ONS! Sien die mannemoed van die ‘gewone’ vegters hier om jou. Die Here bind ons nog nader vas aan mekaar deur Sy Liefde.