The only way to live life as NT believer is in the Spirit. Why? How?

Lord, you want to partner with us. Our prayers, Your answers. Our works, Your grace. Our possessions, Your blessing. Our obedience, Your call. Our weakness, Your strength. This is a great mystery. Please help us to make this sacred partnership more seamless and flowing, more reciprocal, intimate and natural.

In the same way, Jesus could do nothing without the Father, we also can do nothing without the Holy Spirit. Jesus could do nothing without seeing the Father do it (John 5:19-20, 30), He only did the Father’s will (John 6:38), only did what the Father taught (John 8:28), according to what the Father commands (John 12:49). In order for us to live and move by the way of the Spirit, or as the apostle Paul put it: “Walk in the Spirit” (Gal. 5:16), we must learn to be holy – devoted to and depending on the Holy Spirit. We literally can do nothing without Him! Jesus exemplified total reliance on the Father, we should learn from Him and become totally reliant on the Holy Spirit.

In the OT, people lived by the Law. In the NT, believers live by the Holy Spirit.

It is not by force nor by strength, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies(Zech 4:6).


Know God by the Spirit: No one can know a person’s thoughts except that person’s own spirit, and no one can know God’s thoughts except God’s own Spirit(1 Cor 2:11).

Walk according to the Spirit and do not gratify the desires of the flesh. It is the power of the Spirit life that free you from the gravitational downward pull of the flesh and sin (Rom 8:2-4; Gal 5:16). A new power is in operation. The Spirit of life in Christ, like a strong wind, has magnificently cleared the air, freeing you from a fated lifetime of brutal tyranny at the hands of sin and death(Rom 8:2; The Message).

Set your mind on the things of the Spirit (Rom 8:5-8).

Put to death the deeds of the body by the Spirit (Rom 8:13).

The main characteristic of being a child of God is being led by the Spirit (Rom 8:14).

Know the Fatherhood of God and subsequent ‘sonship’ by the Spirit (Rom 8:15-17).

Hope in the Spirit (Rom 8:23-25).

Pray in the Spirit (Rom 8:26-27). In other passages Paul mentions— (Jude 20)

Be filled with the Spirit (Eph 5:18).

Serve in the Spirit (Rom 7:6; 15:16).

Love by the Spirit (Rom 15:30; Gal 5:22-23; Col 1:8).

Know one another by the Spirit. The way of the Spirit is more accurate and also quicker! Jesus knew the heart of Nathaniel even before He had met him (John 1:47). Similarly, the Lord revealed to Ananias not only the change in Saul (Paul), but also his destiny – before he met him (Acts 9:10). Phillip was divinely led to meet the servant of the court of Ethiopia (Acts 8:26). Jesus knew what was in the Pharisees’ hearts. He knew the woman at the well in the Spirit (John 4). Imagine a church where people know each other in the Spirit, where everyone knows their place and function, and they work together naturally without complaining and strife because they do not feel threatened by one another.

We are taught by that what the Holy Spirit teaches (1 John 2:27; 1 Cor 1:13).

People err when they try to interpret the Bible without the Spirit (2 Cor 3:6).

We can only know God by the Spirit because He is Spirit (1 Cor 2:10-12).

We cannot be regenerated and born again without the work of the Spirit (Tit 3:5).

The Eternal Spirit, through the Blood of Christ, cleanse you from an evil conscience (Heb 9:14).

Help me to walk, live and have my being in the Spirit alone. Let me be able to say like Jesus: I do nothing unless the Spirit, I say nothing unless the Spiritguides and instruct me.


It is only in the Spirit that we are safe. It is only in the Spirit that we cannot be deceived and misled (1 John 4:1; John 16:13). He will defend words and deeds done in the Spirit (1 Cor 2:13). In the Spirit we are accurate. In the Spirit we are holy and perfect (John 17:17). In the Spirit we are righteous. In the Spirit we will know the way in the Holy of Holies (Heb 9:8). In the Spirit there is liberty (2 Cor 3:17). In the Spirit we are whole and able to speak the whole gospel. In the Spirit we have access to all things: gifts of the Spirit (1 Cor 12:7-10) and fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:21-22). In the Spirit we are seated in heavenly places and will have authority (Eph 2:6). In the Spirit we know all things and intentions of the heart (1 Cor 2:10). In the Spirit we will know how to rightly discern and speak the truth. In the Spirit, the dead are made alive! It is by the Spirit that we are unified and become one like the God-head. It is by the Spirit that we are convicted, regenerated, filled, sanctified, justified and glorified. We have no life, existence nor substance outside of the Spirit. All spiritual life is by definition in the Spirit.

Life in the Spirit is a decision. It is a conscious, intentional and awakening partnership.  The Holy Spirit does not possess a person.  We need to learn to yield to Him, He is not an overpowering control. Being in the spirit is an awakening, not an unconscious, senseless, paralysed, cold, inert, insensate, insensible, lethargic, numb, passed out, stupefied, tranced state of being. Those are characteristics of being possessed by demons. Satan makes you like a zombie!

The Spirit gives life and unlocks supernatural inert abilities that God has already birthed in us. By the Spirit, we are united in the divine!


Self: ego, pride, insecurities, flesh. The way of carnality and fleshly thinking is enmity to the Spirit (Rom 8:5). There is no middle ground, no compromise.

The Holy Spirit is Jesus who walks in our streets today. He is a Person. He does the same work that Jesus has come to do (John 14:15).

The people treat Him the same way they treated Jesus. Who crucified Jesus? The religious and so-called clergy of that time. The Holy Spirit wants to work through us. He wants to use us and let His gifts work through us and lead us to the Father. He wants to reveal Christ to us so that He will become a reality in our lives. He wants to make us His disciples. He wants to lead us into deeper dimensions in the Spirit.


Isaiah 63:10 But they rebelled, and grieved his Holy Spirit.

Asab: A verb meaning to hurt, to pain, grieve, to shape to fashion.

Through our own experiences, and culture we have formed a shape and an image of God, a construct in our minds, without having a face to face reality of His person. Rebellion is holding on to that construct, even when the real appears. Some people prefer the god of their own making, than the awesome fearful wonder of the true Creator God.


Matthew 12: 31-32 Therefore I say unto you, every sin and blasphemy shall men be forgiven; but the blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven of men. 32 And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him; But whosoever speaketh against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him in this age, nor in the coming.

blasphēmía: Blasphemy, verbal abuse against someone which denotes the very worst type of slander mentioned in Matthew 15:19 with false witnesses; wounding someone’s reputation by evil reports, evil speaking.

By reading the context of this portion of scripture in its entirety, we will gain understanding by allowing scripture to speak for Himself.  Jesus healed a demonic blind, mute man. (v22) The people (multitude) were clearly amazed and were contemplating whether this could be the son of David the Messiah. (v23) The Pharisees were losing ground, how do they explain this? How do you defend you standpoint, after seeing such a powerful demonstration? They countered by saying Jesus did this miracle by the power of satan. Specifically that He was possessed by Beelsebub. (Mar 3:22) And Jesus disclose the reason for His stern warning at the end of the passage. “because they said, “He has an unclean spirit.” (Mar 3:30) Finally Jesus declares: “But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, surely the kingdom of God has come upon you.” (Mat 12:28) It is thus very clear that their attack was against the Holy Spirit, and therefor the very stern/fearful warning: “but he who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is subject to eternal condemnation” Why? There can be no salvation or repentance without the Holy Spirit. (1 Cor 12:3; 2 Cor 7:9; John 16:8)


Acts 5:3, 9 Then Peter said, Ananias, why did Satan fulfil your heart to lie to the Holy Spirit and to keep the price of the land? Then Peter said to her, Why did you agree to tempt the Spirit of the Lord? Behold, the feet of those who bury your man are at the door, and they will carry you out.

pseúdomai; fut. pseúsomai, mid. deponent of pseúdō (n.f.), to cheat, defraud, falsify. To lie, to speak falsely or deceitfully.

By God’s grace this never happened again, else more people will fall dead in churches all over the world. Many by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit make commitments and declarations publicly, to reverse, procrastinate, and never comply.  We sometimes forget the Holy Spirit is God.  He is in no way inferior, or less powerful than God almighty. He is fully God, like Jesus, and the Father! The way He reveals God’s nature is predominantly as a dove, being gentle, and not forceful. However, we should revere and acknowledge His person with holy fear.


Acts 7:51 You stubborn and uncircumcised in heart and ears, you always resist the Holy Spirit; just as your fathers, so also you.

antipíptō; fut. antipesoúmai, from antí (G0473), against, and píptō (G4098), to fall. To fall or rush against or upon in a hostile manner, assault, resist by force and violence, fall or strive against (Acts 7:51).

Stephen the martyr, was addressing a generation, a culture, a system of revolt against God. We see this clearly through History, how the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit can be suppressed, stifled and openly resisted. The tone of the words used in the accusation is violent and shows the open revolt of a culture against God.  The power of culture should never be underestimated. Many people who have come to the truth, have experienced the pain and suffering of families turning against them, being ostracized, persecuted and isolated.  To the point that they were willing to kill someone like Stephan, who only did good, publicly.


Acts 8: 18-22 And when Simon saw that by the laying of the apostles the Holy Ghost was given, he offered their money19 And said, Give me this power also, that whosoever shall lay my hands upon the Holy Ghost can receive. 20 But Peter said to him, Let your money go away with you, because you thought to receive the gift of God through money. 21 You have no part or fate in this matter, because your heart is not rightbefore God. 22 Repent therefore of this evilfrom you, and pray to God, whether the mind of your heartmay be forgiven you.

Some people are totally against spiritual things, then there are others who seek the power of the supernatural for personal gain.  It is interesting to see the words used: heart not right, evil heart, mind of your heart. This shows that Simon needed salvation. He had to repent, and tern form his wickedness.


1 Thessalonians 5:19 Do not quench the Spirit.

Sbénnumi: To quench, extinguish.

Oh, have we not all been guilty of extinguishing the small still voice of the Holy Spirit! You feel uncomfortable about going with friends, or about a TV program, or certain company, yet we ignore the prompting of the Spirit, and persist most often to our own detriment.  May we become more alert, and sensitive to adhere the small nudges of the Holy Spirit. The more obedient you become to His voice, the more you will hear and discern His voice.


Ephesians 4:30 And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.

lupéṓ̄: to grieve, afflict with sorrow; to be grieved, sad, sorrowful, to offend.

Most Christians are more scared and sensitive not to offend man, than God.  We will go out of our way to not offend man, but think it nothing to offend God, knowing His will.  The more we do this, the weaker the voice of the Spirit becomes in your heart.  God can never be offended and thankfully He takes no offence.  May we see His heart! May we really feel what He feels! May the Holy Spirit reveal His heart to us, so that like Mary Magdelene we see the suffering Christ, soon to be crucified, and pour our love on Him. (John 12)


Being most connected and in tune, in the Spirit, enables you to connect on a higher level with people, and being really present in their deep hidden needs, wants, desires and motives.

Be connected in the Spirit first, then He will connect you with man, but on a higher level, so that you can pull them up and not be pulled down by man’s devices.

Being in the Spirit does not disconnect you with man to become ascetic, it connects you to man on a deeper, divine, spiritual level. People are most carnal and do not understand the ways of the Spirit. It is foolishness and strange to them. There are very few people who live and abide in the Spirit. Life in the Spirit is like living by the natural law of helium, but the way of carnality – by contrast – cannot escape the natural law of gravity. Therefore, people who do not live in the Spiritwill always pull you down. They do not even realise it, but that’s what they do.


The WORD and the Spirit is One. The Sword of the Spirit is the Word (Eph 6:17).

It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life(John 6:63).

The language of the Spiritis the Word of God. Every single word we speak in the Spirit is based and founded on Scripture. It is like someone who has memorised all of Scripture and has understanding and insight into the whole of Scripture. Your spiritual vocabulary is Word-based. They only speak from the Word (Josh 1:8). The Spirit gives life to the Word. By the Spirit, the Word becomes flesh in us.

You cannot be like Jesus without the Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who resurrects, reveals and manifests Christ in us. Only the Spirit reveals Jesus in us.

It is simply not in man to be like Christ, any human attempt is of the spirit of the anti-christ.

The way of the Spirit is holy and sacred. Life in the Spirit is holy, consecrated, sanctified, precise, accurate, on the mark – Jesus.

The only way to be sinless, is to be in the Spirit. It is He who works it in us and draws us closer into a more holy consecrated lifestyle.


Oh God, may we walk in the Spiritcontinually! Help us to remain and abide in the Spirit. Help us to find our complete habitation in the Holy Spirit. Work done in the Spirit is worship and glorifies God. Work can be done in the Spirit, for daily labour is not ungodly, secular nor sinful (Ex 31:3, 5; 35:31). Work is part of our creational purpose – to subdue and multiply (Gen 1:28). When we work by the Spirit it will not be laborious, but innovative, precise and intentional. In the Spirit, you will be able to focus and accomplish what you set out to do. Your work will be a blessing! Your work will be a sermon, an extension of His grace and character in you. Your work will reveal God in the same way His creation reveals Him. Your work will be excellent and spectacular, creative and rich in precise detail and order.

Believers being in the Spirithave created many new inventions.

Work done in the Spiritmakes this world better because it resonatesand reflects heaven! (Matt 6:10)

When living in the Spirit, our constant focus and attention are on His ability, not ours. His strength, power, fruit, gifts, testimony and riches. We are dead to our capabilities, efforts, methods, trying and achievements. Our confidence is in Him. Our default is Christ. We have died to self, our dreams and ambitions. We have died to our mistakes, failures, inabilities and incompetence. The life we now live, we live in the Son, by the Spirit.  It is the Spirit that enables.