The Governmental Church in the Locality

The Ephesus Model


Paul planted the Church in Ephesus during a stop-over leaving Corinth to travel to Jerusalem in 53 AD.  He visited the synagogue in the city, and left Priscilla and Aquila, dedicated elders and custodians to the truth.  (Acts 18:18-22) 

On his return from Jerusalem, Paul travels to Ephesus and establishes there his longest ministry in any one location. Paul’s first works was to relay apostolic foundation re-baptise twelve disciples in the name of Jesus, and pray for them to receive the Holy Spirit. (Acts 19:8–10) Then he established the first NT Bible Training Centre first in Jewish Synagogue“arguing persuasively about the kingdom of God” then for 2 years daily in the lecture hall of Tyrannus” with both Jews and Gentiles. (Acts 19:8–10) From the scriptures in Acts, Ephesians and finally in revelation captures almost 44 years of local church history in Ephesus. 52 AD – 96AD sadly by 200AD the church died out. The point is that although there is no longer a city of Ephesus, the church in Ephesus used to be the strongest church in Asia Minor, and now there are hardly even any Christians to be found in all of Asia Minor, let alone a church of any strength or size. Turkey is 99.8% Muslim, leaving only .2% as Christian. And even this .2% is in rapid decline. Turkey, although it used to be a fortification of Christianity, is now the largest unreached nation in the world and one of the strongest propagator’s of Islam. Most of the nation’s 55 million Muslim’s have never even heard the gospel. [1]

“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations” 

A deeper study of these two key words in the Great Commission is: 

“Teach/Disciple” Mathēteúō means not only to learn, but to become attached to one’s teacher and to become his follower in doctrine and conduct of life. 

Nations: éthnos; A multitude, people, race, belonging and living together. We have a mandate to disciple the local Ethos! Because of globalisation, the separate boundaries of nations, and ethnic groups has become vague, schools, the work place, shopping centres and public spaces do not belong to a specific nationality anymore. Ethos : Sociology. the fundamental character or spirit of a culture; the underlying sentiment that informs thebeliefs, customs, or practices of a group or society; dominant assumptions of a people or period:

We are not only leaders of the church, but also of the city. 

The Book is written to: “To the saints who are in Ephesus, and faithful in Christ Jesus” [2] not to an individual, and possibly the most well taught church that ever existed.  The letter/thesis was thus written to all the people of the way, believers in Jesus Christ in the Locality/city of Ephesus.  I believe God is calling us to be shepherds to whole communities of people in a location. 

Restoring the reign of God like Eden in every Location. 

In the Genesis Story we find a description of Eden as a lush garden with four rivers (Gen 2:10–14). Eden was also a mountain (Ezek 28:13–14), the administrative “seat of the gods” (Ezek 28:2), situated in “the heart of the seas” (Ezek 28:2), a description that reiterated the well-watered imagery of the divine council headquarters. [3]  What makes God’s earthly home/kingdom different from ancient comparative narratives, the biblical version of the divine council at the divine abode includes a human presence.[4]

God wants humanity to share His rule and governance over the earth.  

Not all the world was Eden.[5] And Yahweh God planted a garden in Eden in the east, and there he put the man whom he had formed. (Gen 2:8) The garden was perfect in balance harmony and order, yet the rest of the earth was waiting to be subdued. 

The distinction helps us see that the original task of humanity was to make the entire Earth like Eden.[6] Eden is where the idea of the kingdom of God begins. And it’s no coincidence that the Bible ends with the vision of a new Edenic Earth (Rev 21–22).[7] The Bible begins in a garden, ends in a garden city, and the in-between is full of stories of God’s encounter with humans in vineyards, orchards, gardens, mountains, fields, and forests. Take out the gardens (Eden, Gethsemane) and the mounts (Sinai, Hermon, Ararat, Nebo, Carmel, Olives, Zion), and you’ve cut the heart out of the Scriptures.[8]  

And for the purpose of the study: Ephesus was an example of precisely just that: To him who overcomes I will give ito eat from jthe tree of life, which is in the midst of the Paradise of God.” ’[9]

How do we exercise authority? 

The first work man ever did was naming the animals. (Gen 2:19-20) God made Adam to be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it. (Gen 1:28) How did he subdue it? By shouting at the animals? How did he rule over it? By giving them names. You control that what you can give a name. If you give time a name you will rule over it. If you give money a name, you will rule over it.  

Good governance begins with good administration.  You rule over that what you control or administrate. The measure of your administration equals the measure of your authority.  God is order. When we get saved, He brings order in our lives. When God’s spirit hovered over the earth, the earth was without form (order) and void. When God created all living things, He created order. His order. There are always two orders: The order of man and the Order of the Spirit. 

When the order of the Spirit was followed anointing flowed.  Temple in order – Shekinah. Lev 1:7,8,12 Bringing order in your life, creates flow and currency to your anointing. It flows easier, less obstructions and distractions.  It focusses the anointing on one thing.  They had to pack the wood in a certain order to receive the fire. Order in Levites, Priests, Offerings Num 10:28 Do (divine) measurements really matter?

  1. Noah Obtained God’s Grace when he Applied God’s Measurements, Gen. 6:8.
  2. Israel Obtained God’s Presence by Building Tabernacle as Directed, Exo. 25:8; 29:44-46; 40:34-35.
  3. Israel’s Sacrifices Were Acceptable to God from Solomon’s Temple,  2 Chron 7:12, 16.
  4. The Holiness of God’s People is Accomplished/Protected/Maintained When His Measurements are Applied, Ezek. 42:20; 43:10-12.

A New Order

Christ is our perfect pattern, measure, topos, logos, blueprint, design. 

“the knowledge of the Son of God” (Eph 4:13) 

1922. ἐπίγνωσις epígnōsis; gen. epignṓseōs, fem. noun from epiginṓskō (G1921), to recognize. It is more intens. than gnṓsis (G1108), knowledge, because it expresses a more thorough participation in the acquiring of knowledge on the part of the learner. 

IN other words: The ultimate goal of discipleship is to get people to internalize the truth of Jesus Christ, so that they naturally have an inner ear or modulator to remain focussed on Him. (Heb 12:1) We can fulfil the social gospel, building needed schools and creches, but if we do not teach people to become followers of Christ we have failed our mission.  We are in this mess, because of people’s ignorance of Jesus, and the church in a big way misrepresenting Jesus.  

Ekklesia by its original definition a governmental assembly to implement the pattern, logos, measurement, doctrine, values, structures, and practises of the reigning kingdom into the old nation. The OT temple was located in one place Jerusalem, enclosed garden, temple city. This model get’s replicated to everywhere where believers dwell.  

God’s purpose for Creation 

Ephesians 1:9-10: “making known unto us the mystery of his will, according to his good pleasure which he purposed in him unto a dispensation of the fulness of the times, to sum up all things in Christ, the things in the heavens, and the things upon the earth; in him” (ASV)

God’s purpose for Church

 “so that now to the rulers and powers in the heavenlies might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God”(3:10, NKJV) Governmental position to declare the reigning Kingdom’s values to the captive state.  A new form of community. Whether one talks about economics, public safety, healthcare, or personal achievement one study after the other proofs the best way to do life is through healthy community.  Community policing, community micro-finance banking, home-base-care, and the community that supported and help someone to achieve their olympian dream. There is also the dark side; cults, gangs, dead religion, structural sin where a culture embrace for instance a sinful belief system that devaluate, dehumanise people like racism, feminism, slavery, entitlement. 

The Ruling Kingdom has already taken its position

Chapter 1:1-23 – 2:10 deals with the Victory that has been won in Christ: 

He put all things under His feet, and gave Him to be head over all things to the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all. (Eph 1:22-23)

even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved), and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, (Eph 2:5-6) 

we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works (Eph 2:10) 

Jesus told the disciples: And as you go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give (Mat 10:7) 

The sad truth is how few believers and followers of the way of Christ, walk in this victory, as ambassadors, statesman, a holy priesthood, mediators, reconcilers, peace-makers, miracle workers, disciple-makers, of the most high God!! We are officials of the reigning Kingdom!

Demonstration of our Proclamation

Spiritual play-off 

Evident Supernatural, healing, signs and wonders (Acts 19:11-12) Jesus’ ministry can be summarized with two words: Preaching & Demonstrating. Mat 4:23-25; Mar 1:35-39; Luk 4:40-44  Scriptures on the preaching, teaching focus: (Matt 4:17, 23; 9:35; 11:5; Mark 6:34; Luk 4:43; 8:1; 9:11) Healing, driving out Demons, sign &wonders. (Matt 4:23) Miracles are part of the gospel proclamation, demonstrating that the kingdom of God has come. (Mt 9:35; Lk 9:6; 11:20) In fact, Jesus used His authority over demons as a sign that He had brought the kingdom of God near (see Matt. 12:28; Luke 11:20). Furthermore, He gave to His followers authority over evil spirits. See Luke 10:19; 2 Cor. 10:3; Eph. 6:12. His discipled was send to go do the same. Mat 10:7-8. The NT church is commanded to follow the same example: 1Co 2:4-5; Ro 15:18-19; 1Th 1:5; Heb 2:3-4.

“Miracles Glorify Christ” interweaved with everyday life – Two Greek words gives us the answer.

– Soudarion – Handkerchief used for wiping of sweat

– Simikinthion – A narrow apron or linen covering worn by workmen and servants

Real Spiritual power tested: Sons of Sceva (Counterfeit) (Acts 19:13-20) This story reverts to the vital importance of individual anointing. I write unto you, young men, because ye have overcome the wicked one.  (1 John 2:13) 

Sizable national display of tipping point towards new order.  (Acts 19:21-41) Like Jesus prophesied that the temple will be removed, and in 70 ad it did happen. To this day there can be no temple. The religious cult of Diana Worship ended and is no more. [10]

So the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed Acts 19:20 (Acts 6:7; 12:24; 13:49.)

New Multicultural Jesus Culture. 
New equity in Christ. No more Jew or gentile, male or female, 

of a set of new values. (Eph 2:11-18)   so that all who dwelt in Asia heard the word of the Lord Jesus, both Jews and Greeks (Acts 19:10) The Jesus Culture is the only way how we can redeem each diverse culture back to its own unique redemptive purpose.  There is an oppressor and enslaver/pharaoh in every culture. We all need to be redeemed from our Egypt/enslaved cultures.  No nation has suffered so much persecution than the Jews. Several times at the brink of extinction, they rise again. One of the pillars of this theocentric society is the bedrock of the family. and the important role and function of the father. God is a family. The absolute primary way how Christianity rules and governs society like yeast, salt and light is through the restoration of Godly families.

New economy of Mutuality: 

The Roman economic gateway to Asia, became the gateway for the message of the Kingdom of God. Resulting in a Deculturalization of the economy and religious order. (Acts 23-40) On the great day of Pentecost, when the new covenant was sanctioned, a Spiritual Jubilee took place. Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common, and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need. (Acts 2:44) It is our testimony that when people truly turn to God and become full of the Holy Spirit, they relinquish ownership of their own bodies and possessions.   The Tri-Sabbatical Jubilee of restoration for Mankind and the Earth fulfilled in Christ’s resurrection. The tri-sabbatical rest: The seventh day, the seventh year, and after seven cycles, the 49th year Jubilee is a divine rhythm instituted by God for the benefit of man and nature. God knows humankind, how work and profit can consume us, how we do not know when to stop and rest. The end result is work gets a bad name and what is intended to be a blessing becomes a curse. The truth is; however, work is good for us. All mankind should work and earn a living through their skill and contribution to each other. [11]

New Leadership/governmental Spheres 

The Fivefold Ministry lays the foundational worldview, practises, patterns and structure of the Kingdom of God.  (Apostle – Government, Prophet – Law & Order, Evangelist – Economy, Pastoral – Health, Teacher – Education) Social structures are complex, but by reforming the mind of people working in government, business, lawmakers and enforcers, health practitioners, and educators back to their redemptive calling in Christ we will see a whole community follow the Way. 

Unity is not pursued, it is received as a fruit of right living. 

Unity is a gift: Eph 4:1-5 

Final Warning 

Warning to return to first love, and doing the first things. (Rev 2:1-7) 


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Live Sermon on “The Governmental Church In The Locality”


Wanneer dit voel asof God nie reageer nie?

Wanneer dit voel asof God nie reageer nie? In tye van nood en swaarkry, waarin ons nie ‘n keuse of aandeel gehad het nie, voel mens soms AFGESTOMP, kwaad, verontreg en VER van God af. Wat ons VOEL is nie die WAARHEID nie!

Ons is as mens geweldig perseptueel beperk 

Soms voel mens waar is God, hoekom lyk dit asof Hy niks doen nie. Die probleem met hierdie vraagstuk is hoe arrogant die veronderstelling is. Dié wêreld, natuur, klimaat, ekonomie, samelewing is ‘n reeks onbepaalde komplekse sisteme waarvan ons beperkend min weet. Kan jy sien hoe ‘n boom groei? Kan jy die miljoene mikroörganismes onder die grond sien, en verstaan hoe hulle werk? Ons verstaan nie eers hoe ons motor werk nie? Ons eie liggame is ook ʼn reuse raaisel, en die werklike goed-voel oomblikke ver en soms jare uitmekaar gestrek. Dit is dus ‘n baie beperkte persepsie om te dink God doen niks nie. 

Mens kan ook nie jou emosies vertrou nie

Die Skrif sê: die wêreld het deur Hom tot stand gekom (Joh 1:10) Voor alles was Hy al daar, en deur Hom bly alles in stand. (Col 1:17) Mens kan dan teëstribbel dat dit maar net Skrifte is, my fisiese werklikheid lyk soos chaos! Gevoelens en emosies doen juis dit: dit dramatiseer ‘n sekere gebeure om ons of te waarsku van gevolglike pyn, of opgewonde maak oor moontlike plesier.  Ons kan dus nie ons emosies vertrou nie.  Studies het bevind dat alhoewel die mensdom in die algemeen statisties beter vaar in terme van lewensverwagting, hongersnood, kinderslawerny, en lewenskwaliteit, voel mense in die algemeen meer mismoedig.  

Die lewe is nie maklik nie, almal kry swaar

Ander bou dadelik ‘n historiese narratief, en beskryf die een probleem en uitdaging na die ander. Die doodluiterse vraag is dan weer: Is die Here dan teen my of iets? Weereens is dit ‘n kwessie van perspektief. Jy kan letterlik enigiemand op straat voorkeer en vra vir ‘n koffie afspraak. Na ‘n tyd sal jy in elke afspraak ‘n storie van siekte, verdriet, verlies, verraad, pyn en ellende hoor. Natuurlik verskil die intensiteit van die lyding van persoon tot persoon, maar nogtans beleef selfs die mees bevoorregte mense inperking van een of ander aard. Hoekom pleeg ook ryk en gesiene mense selfmoord.  Die lewe is vol daaglikse uitdagings op elke vlak: elke dag genoeg water drink, oefen, dieet, verhoudinge gesond en positief in stand hou, kinders groot maak, inkomstes verdien, jouself verbeter, geestelik groei, en goed doen aan ander is ‘n voltydse werk van baie balle in die lug hou. 

God is ewig en alwys – soewerein

Ateïste vol ons as gelowiges aan met, hoekom laat ‘n almagtige goeie God soveel pyn en lyding toe? God is egter nie net almagtig en goed nie, Hy is ook ewig en alwys.  Die feit dat God ewig is en nie in tyd vasgevang kan word nie, hy is gister, vandag en toekoms alles terselfde tyd, verander alles! Hy is ook alwys! Hy weet regtig wat vir ons die beste is.  ‘n kind wat gaan om hulle inspuitings te kry, verstaan ook nie hoekom hulle nou so seergemaak moet word nie. Die ouer kan dit ook nie op daardie tydstip aan die kind verduidelik, sodat die kind dit kan verstaan nie.  

Jesus ly saam met ons 

Verder is dit God se karakter om tussen en deel van ons lyding te wees. Dit is immer hoekom Jesus die gedaante van ‘n dienskneg aangeneem het. Jesus het lyding, verwerping, tekort, harde werk, en armoede geken.  Sy lydingsuur voor die kruisiging was intens! Toe het Hy bedroef en beangs geword en vir hulle gesê: “Ek voel doodsbenoud. Mat 26:37 Nou is my siel ontsteld, en wat sal Ek sê? Vader, red My uit hierdie uur? Maar hierom het Ek in hierdie uur gekom. Joh 12:27 “Die ontsteltenis het nou vir My te veel geword. (Mk 14:34) Hy het in doodsangs geraak en het nog ernstiger gebid. Sy sweet het soos bloeddruppels geword wat op die grond val. (Luk 22:44) 

Stilte is ‘n toetstyd 


Description automatically generatedDie Boek rigters vertel die verhaal van die Jode na Josua, tot net voor die aanstelling van die eerste koning.  Daar was altesaam 12 Rigters, 6 groot vername rigters, en 6 kleiner minder bekende rigters.  Die volk se geskiedenis neem die selfde verloop: Israel verval in afgodery, God straf die volk deurdat ander volke primêr die Medianiete, Amalekiete, en Filistyne oor hulle heers, hulle roep uit vir verlossing en bevryding, die Here stuur ‘n rigter wat hulle in ‘n bonatuurlike oorwinning uitlei, en dan ‘n tydperk stilte, voordat die siklus weer herhaal word soos die volk weer in sonde verval. Die les wat ons uit hierdie boek leer, is om ten spyte van God se stiltes, koers te hou en die Here te dien ten spyte wat ons daaruit kry.  Josef moes 13 jaar wag, Abraham 25jr, Moses 40jr, Jesus 30jr voor hulle die beloftes van die Here in vervulling gesien het.  

Ons het al almal by tye gevoel dat omstandighede nou net té erg raak.  

Moses was bekend met teleurstelling: 

Hy lewe in die geheim as Joodse seun in die Egiptiese koninklike hof vir 40jr, met die verwagting dat God hom mag gebruik om sy volk te verlos. Die oomblik toe hy optree, lei dit dat hy sy posisie en werk verloor, en deur sy eie mense verwerp word.  Hy word ‘n vlugteling in die woestyn en ‘n skaapwagter. Acts 7:23-25. 

In sy swerwelinge in die woestyn as skaapwagter, verskyn God aan hom in ‘n braambos. Exo 3:7-12 In tye van isolasie, openbaar God Homself direk aan ons. Soos met Elia, wat ook worstel met sy teleurstelling en in ‘n grot die Here se aangesig soek. Hy het vuur uit die hemel geroep, maar verwag dat dit sal lei tot Koning Agab en Zezebel se inkeer. 

Duidelik kan ons sien dat Moses is ‘n verslane, onsekere man. Exo 3-4 Hy het geen selfvertroue of geloof oor nie.  “Here stuur asb iemand anders” Exo 4:10-13. 

Die keer toe Moses na die mense toe gaan, word hy deur die mense aanvaar en verwelkom. Maar nadat hy na die Farao gaan, versleg die mense se lot. Dis moses se skuld. Exo 5:20-21

Die mense draai teen Moses.  

Moses bekla eerlik sy lot voor die Here. As die mense nie na my luister nie, hoe sal die Farao luister.  Exo 6:1,12 

Die Here doen kosmiese wonderwerke en tekens, die 10 plae, die rooisee, Mara se bitter water word soet.  ‘n vuurkolom in die nag, wolk kolom is die dag. Manna! Bonatuurlike voorsiening. Niemand kan tog nou meer twyfel in God se bestaan en liefde nie? Die mense kla nou oor vleis, hulle kan nie net van manna leef nie! Weereens bekla Moses sy lot by die Here. Num 11:10-15 

Die mense se onvolwassenheid maak Moses moeg, die Here gee vir hom ‘n praktiese oplossing om manne te kies om te help die gewig dra.  Num 11:16-17 

Uiteindelik is Moses se grootste teleurstelling toe in sy oomblik van frustrasie met die mense, hy die Here ongehoorsaam en die klip slaan.  Die Here weier hom om die beloofte land in te gaan. Die Here weier ook dat hy weer die saak aanroer. Deut 3:26 

Kan jy jou hierdie teleurstelling voorstel? Hy wat sy lewe toegewy het aan die droom van ‘n beloofte land, kan self nie daar ingaan nie. Hy word opgeneem na ‘n hemelse beloofte land.


Die vyand het een uitsluitlike doel, en dit is om ons te kry om niks te doen nie!! Wanneer ons nie ons skeppingsdoel vervul nie, wen boosheid. “Another one bites the dust!” Saul word gesalf as koning terwyl hy sy pa se donkies soek. (1 Sam 9) Gideon was besig om koring te dors op die dorsvloer, toe die engel hom besoek. (Judg 6:11) Stefanus bedien die tafels kos vir die wees en weduwee. (Acts 6:5, 8) Paulus skryf die NT in gevangenisskap. Jesus daag as gas by ‘n bruilof op. (Joh 2) Dit is in die allerdaagse, wees getrou in die geringe, waar God ons ontmoet.  Ons kan nie bekostig om niks te doen nie!! 

Social Relevance

The number of MAN 666 and COVID 19 Vaccine?

The protestant church has consistently been infected by anti-institutional viruses for more than 500 years! Institutions are depicted as inherently evil, forcing and manipulating the weak. Any group that regularly meets, become a system, and eventually an institution. There are surely good systems and bad ones.  God’s system the CHURCH (ekklesia) is called to be a HEALING, redemptive, reconciliation, empowering COMMUNITY-FAMILY system. 

The ultimate test of any religion, ideology or worldview is the benefits it ultimately brings to the poor, the marginalized and oppressed.  If we say we are Christians, we have to take poverty seriously. 

The simple truth regarding the plight of the poor and COVID 19 vaccines are: They could not care, most of them will possibly never see a vaccine in their lifetime. If they are lucky to receive a COVID 19 vaccine they will most possible soon die of other infections and curable diseases. What COVID 19 has amplified, is how unequal our western/modern/capitalist/privileged economy is. Consumer self-interest and convenience has driven us into an unnatural unhealthy rat race disproportionate to our humanity. It is this radical unequal economy and society who has caused this virus in the first place. 

I propose this economic-anti-Christ humanist-secular system is the real enemy of the church. Most people are taking on 2-3 jobs to survive economically leaving little or no time for prayer, mediation or volunteer ministry work.  It is increasingly difficult to LIVE the LIFE and values of Christ in this current economic system. 

Over the centuries the number 666 has been associated with the papacy, freemasons, Israel, Islam, Iron Maiden, and possibly every movie ever made with apocalyptic themes. In recent decades, conspiracy-minded individuals who combine idiosyncratic interpretations of the Bible with fears that evil governmental or religious forces are overtaking society have variously interpreted 666 as a reference to the United Nations, some presidents of the United States, the Washington Monument, and the European Union. It is easier to point to a foreign enemy out there than to expose the materialistic, consumer-convenience, apathy within our ranks! 

Given the commercial associations with 666 in Revelation, such interpreters also commonly identify the flexible symbol with the modern barcode system, the “www” of the Internet’s prefix for the World Wide Web, RFID seals used for tracking and identification, and smart cards used for cashless swiping. Such conspiratorial speculation unhelpfully feeds the phobias of some, whose fear of the number 666 has yielded a new term: “hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.” [3]

To understand the expression ‘mark of the beast’ we must remember that not only cattle but slaves also were branded or marked. The mark meant that the slave belonged to his master. Very soon the expression ‘to receive the mark of someone’ began to mean to belong to someone, to serve or worship someone.  In Revelation 14:9 we read: ‘If any man worships the beast … and receive the mark on his forehead’. Here ‘receiving the mark of the beast’ seems to mean ‘worshipping the beast’. Similarly, in Revelation 14:11: ‘They that worship the beast … and receive the mark of his name’ (cf. also Rev. 20:4). So ‘receiving the mark of the beast’ seems to mean ‘belonging to the beast and worshipping the beast’. The ‘mark of the beast’ is the God-opposing, Christ-rejecting, Church-persecuting spirit of antichrist, wherever and whenever it shows itself. This mark is impressed on the forehead or right hand (cf. Dt. 6:8). The forehead symbolizes the mind, the thought-life, the philosophy of a person. The right hand indicates his deed, action, trade, industry, etc. Therefore receiving the mark of the beast on the forehead or right hand indicates that the person so characterized belongs to the company of those who persecute the Church; and that—either preeminently in what he thinks, says, writes or more emphatically in what he does—this antichristian spirit becomes evident.[4] 

Dr Riekert Botha explains the number as in contrast to the number 777, which means threefold perfection. The number 666 is “the number of a man” as opposed to God. It is man in opposition to God. The number says man-man-man or imperfect-imperfect-imperfect. One commenter also translated it as failure-failure-failure. Another way to put it: Me, Me, Me or self, self, self. Church History proofs that the human-self-centred spirit of man as the greatest enemy of the way of Christ bringing division, controlling and manipulation and infigting.

I agree with William Hendriksen’s explanation and interpretation of “the mark of the beast”. Throughout Jesus’ ministry, He focused on the heart. It is from the well-spring of the heart from which all evil proceeds! (Mat 12:34) God looks not to the mark of the flesh, but the mark of a circumcised heart. (Col 6:15; Rom 2:28; Deut 10:16) People whose hearts have been touched perspective of life changes, they do business differently. The redemption of the heart leads to the redemption of one’s evil and unjust ways of acquiring wealth. The enactment of the spiritual Jubilee recorded in Acts was the first sign of the huge change of heart, when no one lacked, because of the sharing of the first believers. (Acts 4:34) 

Of greater importance to me, than the threat of receiving the mark of the beast, is whether one has received the mark of righteousness! (Ezek. 9:4, 6; Rev. 14:2; 7:3; 22:4) Without this mark, you will not enter the Kingdom/heaven’s eternity with God. Those who are born again and who have received the Holy Spirit have been sealed (marked). (2 Cor 1:22) It is like Jesus says: You cannot hide this light. (Mat 5:14) Followers of Christ always carry the sign of death (2 Cor 4:10) as we continue to live a surrendered, abandoned life unto Christ. (Mat 16:24) Our quest should be to question people boldly about their faith in Christ Jesus alone! Have they bowed their knees to Him in surrender, to now live His WAY of LIFE?

In Hellenistic literature “making a mark” referred to a mark on the body—like a tattoo—usually put on a runaway slave. Paul said that he bore in his body the “marks” (stigmata) of Jesus. He was not ashamed of the stigma. (Rom 1:6) At one stage Peter ran from a stigma—when he denied knowing the Lord. But the day came when he embraced it. Sometime later Peter and John could hardly believe how blessed they were that they were privileged to bear the stigma of Jesus. Having been warned and flogged by the Sanhedrin, they left the Sanhedrin “rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering dis-grace [“shame,” KJV; “dishonour,” ESV] for the Name”

Persecution has many forms. Hidden persecution is happening right NOW within an evil/unjust system where everyone is doing and covering-up wrong-doing. It is clear from learning from the Zondo commission; that corruption is a social-cadre-deployment-comrade-loving enterprise. “You will give me the job although I am not qualified, because of your affinity with the struggle against white monopolies.” Almost every sector in the economy is plagued by unjust systems of control or poor remuneration. How can we as believers make a stand? This is where our testimony and faith count most. Should you keep your business open on Sunday’s? How does your need for production infringe on your worker’s responsibility to also be good parents? Are you paying your workers a worthy compensation as you would your own family members? Are you good stewards of the natural resources available? 

The true CHURCH will become a safehaven/eden for those who obey Him.

The Babylonian economy is where the real battle is fought, with sometimes severe casualties like losing jobs, forfeiting profit, closing down of the business. The biggest plight of the poor and marginalised in South Africa is INCLUSION. Doing business and getting your product sold to the 5 main retail monopolies in SA, is almost impossible. Is this not already what the Book Revelation is speaking about? “and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” (Rev 13:17) Already this Babylonian-economy is dictating to society through media, and television its demonic anti-family, self-saving, everything-goes-no-consequences, humanistic-super-hero doctrines! Surely this is a much greater threat to the church than a COVID 19 vaccine?  But take note: this Babylonian tyranny is said to fall, and come to an end. (Rev 14:8; 18:1-8) More importantly, there is a direct command to the church to: “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.” (Rev 18:4) 

The essence of the number 666, and it’s biblical meaning is clear: for it is the number of a man (Rev 13:18; 21:17). This spirit of man has been an enemy of the church from the beginning of time. It is this spirit of man in Peter that Jesus rebuked: “Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.” The arm of the flesh opposes the things of the spirit. “It is the Spirit that quickens; the flesh profit nothing” (John 6: 63). “For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit. For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be. So then, those who are in the flesh cannot please God.” (Rom 8:5-8) 

The rest of the chapter Rom 8 explains how life in the Spirit works: We are led by the Spirit (Rom 8:14) the earth groans in labour pains for the revealing of the sons of God. (Rom 8:19) I am not afraid about the number of the beast, I am yearning with fire in my spirit for this revealing of the sons of God: The triumphant awakened church who knows their true identity of the resurrected Christ within!

Our Lord Jesus Christ’s returning is at hand, let’s do (finish) what we are called to do while there is still time. It is the beginning of the best and worst times of our history. Do not live in fear, it is the time for the church to RISE! (Isa 60)

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[4] William Hendriksen, More than Conquerors: An Interpretation of the Book of Revelation, (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 1967), 150.


Behou geestelike fokus in tye van onrus.

I continue to pray for your love to grow and increase beyond measure, bringing you into the rich revelation of spiritual insight in all things. Phil 1:9 Passion Translation

Ons leef tans in ‘n wêreld van miljoene opinies en agterdog oor geheime sameswerings, emosioneel gelaaide waarskuwings, grootskaalse verwarring, teenstrydige navorsing, kommer oor inperking maatreëls, diskriminerende persoonlike aanvalle en opswaai van aanranding en geweld!!! Mens hoor elke dag van meer egskeidings, gesinsgeweld, en gesonde mense se sterftes. Hoe hou mens FOKUS? Hoe kry mens goddelike INSIG? Nou meer as ooit is dit nodig dat ons, ons geestelike sintuie sal verskerp in die daaglikse stryd, om fokus op Jesus te behou. 

Ons word daagliks gebombardeer met ‘n magdom inligting, tog weet bitter min mense hoe om reg en gesond te leef.  Inligting is nutteloos sonder INSIG om te weet wat om op die regte tyd met die regte mense te doen.  Insig verbind die kop met die hart. Insig wys jou nie net wat om te doen nie, maar ook die hoe, asook wanneer om dit te doen. Insig bring al die punte bymekaar. Insig word beskryf as die vroeg-môreson wat opkom in mens se hart, en jou nuwe stukrag gee vir ‘n gegewe saak. defines insight as:

  • An instance of apprehending the true nature of a thing, especially through intuitive understanding;
  • Penetrating mental vision or discernment;
  • Faculty of seeing into inner character or underlying truth; an understanding of relationships that sheds light on or helps solve a problem;
  • An understanding of the motivational forces behind one’s actions, thoughts, or behavior; self-knowledge.

Iemand wat dieper dink oor ‘n saak verkry insig. Die meeste mense dink nie deur hul probleme nie. Hulle is geneig om teen hul berge vas te kyk in plaas daarvan om deur die berg te dink om ‘n sleutel te bekom om dit te oorwin. Geloof wat berge versit, begin met die verskuiwing van klein molshope. Soos in ‘n vorige boodskap verduidelik, maak die meeste mense van ‘n molshoop ‘n berg. Kinders van God wat in oorgawe Sy geregtigheid ontvang het, is geloofsmense! Ons dink, praat en leef geloof! Ons maak berge molshope… bergplatmakers! 

Visie kom deur insig. Lig en visie gaan saam. Wanneer God Sy waarheid aan ons belig, kry ons insig, insig lei tot visie. Visie stel kreatiwiteit vry. Sodra ons visie ontvang, kan ons ons deur die geloof dinge tot stand te bring wat nie bestaan ​​nie. God het roep dinge wat nie bestaan nie asof dit bestaan! 

Uiteindelik word mens verlam deur al die negatiwiteit om jou! ‘n Vis bestaan in die water, omdat die water nooit binne die vis kom nie. So bestaan ons in ‘n bose stormagtige wêreld, omdat ons nie toelaat dat die storm ooit in ons woed nie!!  

Meer as ooit het ons goddelike INSIG nodig om ons deur die doolhof van misleiding, leuens, verraad, korrupsie, en bose intensies uit te lei. 

Understanding establishes you. Once you understand something you know how to operate. 

Die Here het vir Besaleël toegerus met my Gees sodat hy met vaardigheid, insig en verstand enige werk kan doen (Exo 31:3) Die Here het hom toegerus met sy Gees sodat hy met vaardigheid, insig en verstand enige werk kan doen: (Exo 35:31) 

Verder het die Here vir Moses instruksies gegee om die volke te verdeel onder leiers met insig. Bring uit julle stamme verstandige manne, manne met insig, manne van aansien, sodat ek hulle as hoofde oor julle kan aanstel. (Deut 1:13) 

Salomo het ook hierdie INSIG by die Here gesoek: Die Here het dit goedgevind dat Salomo dít gevra het. Hy het vir hom gesê: “Omdat dít jou versoek is en jy nie vir jou ‘n lang lewe, of rykdom, of die dood van jou vyande gevra het nie, maar insig in wat reg is, sal Ek aan jou versoek voldoen. (1 King 3:10-12) 

H8394. תְּבוּנָה teḇûnāh: A feminine noun meaning understanding, insight. It occurs primarily in the Wisdom Literature and is associated with both wisdom and knowledge (Ex. 35:31; Prov. 8:1; 21:30); and is contrasted with foolishness (Prov. 15:21; 18:2). A person of understanding is slow to wrath and walks uprightly (Prov. 14:29; 15:21). God has understanding and gives it (Job 12:13; Ps. 147:5; Prov. 2:6; Isa. 40:28). On the other hand, idolaters, who fashion idols by their own understanding, have no understanding at all (Isa. 44:19; Hos. 13:2). 

My seun, neem aan wat ek jou sê,

maak wat ek jou voorskryf jou eie,

hou jou ore oop vir die wysheid,

span jou in om te verstaan.

Roep insig by,

vra na gesonde begrip.

Soek dit soos jy silwer sou soek,

spoor dit op soos ‘n verborge skat.

Dan sal jy weet hoe om die Here te dien,

sal jy ontdek wat dit is om God te ken.

Dit is die Here wat die wysheid gee,

uit sy mond kom die kennis en die insig.

Hy laat eerlike mense sukses behaal

en Hy beskerm dié wat onberispelik lewe.

Hy sien toe dat reg geskied,

Hy hou wag oor die pad van sy troue dienaars.

As jy aanneem wat ek jou sê, sal jy insig kry

in wat regverdig en reg en billik is

en sal jy op die goeie pad bly.

Die wysheid sal sy plek in jou lewe inneem,

kennis sal vir jou iets aangenaams word,

oordeelkundigheid sal oor jou wag hou

en verstandigheid sal jou bewaak. (Prov 2:1-11) 

‘n Dienaar van die Here moenie rusie maak nie. Inteendeel, hy moet vriendelik wees teenoor almal, bekwaam om ander te leer en iemand wat onreg kan dra. Met vriendelikheid moet hy teenstanders teregwys. Dit kan wees dat God hulle bekeer en hulle tot kennis van die waarheid bring. Dan sal hulle weer tot nugtere insig kom en vry raak uit die vangstrik van die duiwel, waarmee hy hulle gevange gehou het om sy wil te gehoorsaam. (2 Tim 2:24-26) 

Hoe verkry mens goddelike geestelike INSIG? 

Om INSIG te bekom kos gedetermineerde fokus, om te staak met dit waarmee jy besig is, en deur die oorverdowende lawaai en geraas van die Wêreld bewus te raak van die influistering van Sy stem in jou gemoed! 

Bolangse waarneming en bietjie kennis is nie genoeg nie om ware insig te verkry nie.  Ware insig verg werk; dit is ‘n vaardigheid wat kreatiwiteit, deursettingsvermoë en diep denke verg. Die kragtigste insigte kom uit noukeurige en ernstige ontledings om groot hoeveelhede data in bondige en spesifieke bevindings op te som. Soos ‘n arend ‘n wye perspektief het in die lug en dan afpyl op sy prooi, is insig ‘n spesifieke oplossing. 

  1. Mens moet die Here vir INSIG vra

Hy is en bly die bron van ware INSIG. Vertrou volkome op die Here en moenie op jou eie insigte staatmaak nie. (Prov 3:5) Die Heilige Gees gee ware insig. (1 Cor 2:9-16) Om die sinne van Christus te hê, is ware INSIG. Die gawes vd Gees, is ook ‘n reuse bron van Goddelike Bonatuurlike Insig: Profesie, Woord van Kennis, Wysheid. (1 Cor 12 & 14)

  • Leer ken God se weë

Met groot ontsag getuig almal dan van die dade van God omdat hulle insig gekry het in wat Hy doen. (Ps 64:10) Hoe meer jy ontwikkel in die Kennis van die Here en Sy wee, hoe makliker sien jy deur al die misleidings, die regte pad van Sy wil.  (2 Cor 10:5-6; Eph 1:17; 4:13; Col 1:10; 1 Pet 1:2) Apostles en Profete is God se geskenke aan Sy liggaam om geheimenisse te openbaar. (Eph 3:4)

  • Onttrek en kom tot stilte. 

Jesus het dikwels ontrek na ‘n berg (hoogte) om te bid. (Mat 14:23; Mark 6:46; Luk 6:12; 9:28) Om soms weg te breek, weg te gaan, vir ‘n tyd te vas en bid verkry mens nuwe insig tot jou omstandighede. Breek die roetine. Insig impliseer objektiwiteit en nugterheid d.w.s die vermoë om jou maat, jou situasie, jou probleem vanuit ‘n goddelike verhewe perspektief te benader.  Om hierdie insig te verkry, moet mens die vlees stil maak. 

  • Omring jou met mense wat INSIG het.

Where there is no counsel, purposes are disappointed; But in the multitude of counsellors they are established. (Prov 15:22) Deur gereeld tyd te maak om buite jou bekende wêreld met groeperinge bymekaar te kom wat nuwe denke kan stimuleer kan jy groei. Deur robuuste dialoog en aanhou vrae vra, kom mens tot dieper insig. Jy sien jou probleem in ‘n ander lig.  Vir bykans 2 jaar kom ‘n groep van koninkryksburgers bymekaar om insig te verkry oor die ekonomie en versplinterde samelewing. Dis ‘n wonderlike voorreg om die genialiteit van Jesus se liggaam te kan ontgin. 

Insig en geloof werk saam, INSIG maak dit duidelik wat jy moet doen, geloof gee jou die krag om dit te doen! Verdagmakery, verontreg te voel, aanstoot te neem, agterdog, negatiwiteit, kritiek, oordeel en beskuldigings steel die suurstof waarin geloof moet asemhaal.  Bely en erken hierdie sondes voor die Here, en kom in Sy teenwoordigheid met lofsang en dankbaarheid!! In hierdie atmosfeer van triomf en geestelike verligting verkry mens INSIG en GELOOF om berge te versit!! 

Wees die verandering.