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The Pursuit of Happiness 

What does true happiness really look like? Is it something fleeting that comes and goes with our momentory state of mind, or is it something more lasting? Finding eternal bliss in union with God

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Hearing the Whisper: Discovering God’s Voice

In “Whisper,” Mark Batterson provides valuable insights into hearing the voice of God. Through Scripture, desires, doors, dreams, people, promptings, and even pain, God speaks to us. By cultivating an intimate relationship with Him and being attentive to His whispers, we can discover our purpose, experience His love, and navigate life’s challenges with confidence.

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The Full Spectrum of LOVE

Love is the ONLY way to sustain LIFE and live a meaningful life. Life without LOVE is HELL. By remaining in HIS LOVE we experience continual Heaven on Earth.

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Kingdom Toolbox

Paul list various challenges and provides us with the right Kingdom tool to overcome every challenge the world throw at us.

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When At War, CREATE.

When at war, create. We live in challenging times, life demands our creative genius to survive. When depressed and anxious do something creative.

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Surrendered life to Christ

The Surrendered Life

The Surrendered Life is about giving up control and coming to the end of self; dead works; efforts and good intentions. So that He can

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