There is a Swahili saying, “When two bulls fight, it is the grass that suffers.”

Let us appease for the sins of our forefathers by cultivating the economy of this nation through Ethical Inclusive Agricultural Enterprise.

Together we can make SA the Eden of the world again.[1]  The best way to irradiate inequality, unemployment and poverty is growing the economy. Agriculture is the quickest and most sustainable way to do this.[2]Give the most productive commercial farmers a chance, remove the hindrances and legislative restrictions, smooth our path for international success.  No other sector of a country’s economy can sustain rural development as the agricultural sector. It populates the countryside, creates jobs for unskilled workers and draws secondary and tertiary businesses to remote villages. Alleviating the pressure on the cities. [3]

People cannot eat, title deeds, or land in the state. The land itself will not provide you with food on your table. We need a thriving, growing inclusive economy, to sustain and empower the National Development Plan. We need money to build houses, pay for the workers.  We need money to provide services and build infrastructure.  We need money to improve the quest of the poor.  We need money to start new SMME’s and pay people better salaries to go and spend their money at these businesses.

The best answer for Land Reform is not “the best plan”, but one where black and white can come together with forgiveness and serving hearts.[4]

When we take hands, no one can point a finger. Our cultures white and black are more integrated than what is believed. Black and coloured mothers have raised many white children. Our genetic pool is so mixed that there are very few South Africans that can claim they are of pure white or black descent. Our languages are interwoven with bits and pieces of the other. Our original indigenous cultures have all been lost and preserved in museums, as we shop together for the same goods every day.  We are all South Africans, indigenous, unique, a peculiar people with a special message of peace and harmony.

Our democracy is in its turbulent teenage years, but if we hold true to our values forged by our forefathers and leaders, like Madiba, we will grow up into a mature young unified Country standing tall in the World.

The poor are grieving for dignity. A new social Covenant is needed between the people, the private, and public sector to provide work and living conditions for all South Africans that shapes dignity and cultivates potential.

The only way this COUNTRY will survive is where every citizen learns to become productive and creative not in taking, but in giving.  One person, one work! There is no dignity in getting something one has not worked for.  There is also no dignity in saying sorry without offering restitution. There is no dignity in corruption, fraud, theft, lying and cheating.

True dignity is providing a better world for our children.

Dignity is working together for a common good!

We can become a new nation, by working, and building and ruling together.  If Rwanda can rise as a nation, after the greatest deadliest genocide recorded in history, by working together, taking hands, eradicate corruption, pursuing justice and productivity so can we.


Jan Oosthuizen




[3]The role of agriculture in economics by Dr Philip Theunissen computus management building.

[4]Dr Arno van Niekerk, Senior lecturer/Economist, University of the Free State