Walk and Live in the Spirit

Serving a God who is Spirit, and us made in His image as tri-une beings, means we have a spirit, and like our bodies and soul we need to develop it. Discover how a New Testament believer and follower of Christ walk in the Spirit.

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More than Conquerors

Paul choose a vocabulary of triumphant words and expressions when writing to the first followers of Christ. Many of these early followers of Christ, like Paul, the other apostles and the OT story of Job, lost everything, there status, inheritance, possessions and in some cases their lives!! Discover the power of the gospel, the note of victory saints carry within.

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Are there still spiritual Judges today?

When we hear the word judge, we mostly think of judicial, legal verdicts and immanent penalty. Although this is certainly the case, the Bible has a more general broader estimation of judges.

In life we are all judges. We make regular judgements concerning the friends we choose, the right partners we marry or go in business with, the judication process of appointing new staff, forming political opinions, the purchases or investments me make, the beliefs we base our life on. Life is a series of judgements, decisions, conclusions based either on facts, or gut-feeling, group-pressure, impulse, emotion or research. We all seek the truth! We all seek the right judgement of our life. (Gen 16:5; 18:25) Most of all, in relational conflict we deeply desire someone who could judge and reconcile the feud.

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One Word Tells a Story

Nathanael went from a skeptic to a believer. From a negative person to a positive person because he was invited to experience the messiah, first hand. May we get to know another beyond the “one-word nametags” and discover Christ in each other!

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Collective Spiritual Connectedness

When God said: “let there be light” (Gen 1:3) He connected the spectrum for all created things to connect. Light is formed by the connection between frequencies, the relationship between particles. The links give us the light that transforms our world. Darkness is in essence not to feel or be conscious of any connection. Healthy connections, relationships, links is essential to social, economic, mental and spiritual well-being. Jesus is the great connector! He reconnected us to God, our true selves, and the right people.

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Communication is more than words.

Communication certainly is more than words: we communicate through music, art, food, clothing, house decoration, and acting.
There are more than 100 types of digital communication. Blogs, infographics, vlogs, podcasts, cartoons, animations, apps etc. Advertisers contend for your attention, to communicate their message to you in countless of ways. One of the number one requests and challenges in marriage is communication. In the workplace most problems arise due to poor communication. Many parents complain: “I do not know how to communicate with my child anymore.” Let’s all concur: Communication is difficult! What is the solution we learn from the Godhead and forests of trees.

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Humanity is fractured and relationships complex and difficult. Like trees in a forest we need community. Learn God’s true intend for church, from the EDEN Narrative.

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How does God see finances?

God did not invent money, currency, or promissory notes. He does not bless us with money raining from the sky. We live from every word that proceeds out of His mouth. (Mat 4:4) God is our source, not money or an income. How does God’s economy work?

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How to see in the Spirit?

In today’s modern world mankind is becoming more and more spiritually disconnected. The result is, that we’re not getting the new divine spiritual updates, and power apps/gifts to enable us cope with the complexity of daily living. God wants to give us divine spiritual direction and a kingdom roadmap to mitigate the obstacles of our times. We need a connection!

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